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A new horizon for GreenMile

If you are reading this article, you are probably as excited as I am about the new version of GreenMile Live.

First, let me quickly introduce myself. I am Alex Souza, Director of Marketing and Product Management here at GreenMile and the head designer of this new release. I joined GreenMile in October, after working many years in product marketing & design in large companies including Microsoft and IBM as well as small startups like Kwiksher.

Once onboard at GreenMile, I found it to be a great place to work with some of the most experienced people in the logistics space. I was also very impressed with the entire product suite – there really is nothing like it available anywhere in the market.  However, as with most products, I also noticed opportunities for improvement, including the software and the user experience, consistency across our product line, and new areas for exploration & innovation. After all, in this super-competitive industry, we really need to constantly push ourselves to bring new functionality to market that matters to our current and future customer base.

With that theme in mind, we have set four main goals for the next product version:

Improved consistency across the product suite: GreenMile Live 6 features a redesign that focuses on the user experience – resulting in less clicks to achieve desired results. We also aimed for a common, cleaner color palette that is consistent with our new website as well as with the upcoming redesign of our mobile suite of products.   Based on customer feedback, our new design is easier to read and much more intuitive.  We will continue to improve the ‘look and feel’ of our platform’s interface with additional updates already in the works for later this year.  In short – this is just the beginning!


Innovation: since its inception, GreenMile’s goal has always been to innovate on behalf of our customers and this release was an opportunity to bring new features & functionality not found in any other solution. From the redesigned “in your face” GreenMile Summary dashboards to GreenMile Panel Builder which allows customers to easily create visual data windows based on rules they set, you will find software advancements throughout our cloud-based route execution platform.

Executive Dashboard: Being able to understand the costs associated with ‘last-mile’ route planning and execution is paramount in the distribution space.  GreenMile 6 features new options to help our customers align with our company motto: “don’t track vehicles, track performance”.

Users who need access to key performance indicators will be able to take advantage of the GreenMile Summary mini-dashboard, showcasing an array of transportation metrics that can be broken down by time period (including day, week, month, year, or custom).

For our customers wanting to go the ‘extra mile’ with their data, GreenMile features a new Executive Dashboard option.  Built from the ground up to be different than traditional dashboards, views are displayed in a question-and-answer format such as “how many miles is my team driving compared to the planned route?” along with tips on how to improve performance.   The user then has the ability to do a deeper-dive using the analytics to discover the root causes of the metrics in question, helping to quickly and easily identify area for improvement.

Executive Dashboard


Predictable, consistent timeframes: Moving forward we are going to deliver four major releases per year, with bug fixes and smaller improvements coming every 15 days or less, depending on their urgency. Having a maximum of four updates yearly allows GreenMile to plan/design/test more effectively, resulting in better quality products as well as providing customers with a predictable timeframe to learn about and plan for those updates.

GreenMile Live 6 is the end result of our company’s updated strategy and vision, incorporating suggestions from many current GreenMile users in both the domestic and international markets.  Look for major updates in our mobile applications as well, starting in our Summer release which planned for late June. We value your feedback and opinions– after all, roughly 70% of what we build is still driven by customer requests, so please let us know what you think about the new website and the look and feel of GreenMile Live 6!

All the best,


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About the Author:

Alex is Director of Marketing and Product Management at GreenMile. He is also responsible for the user experience and interface of the company's products since 2016.

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