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Route execution in the palm of your hand

Load your route plan into GreenMile Live and manage your deliveries, surveys and overall performance from a single control center. GreenMile Live “learns” from the actual routes and provides feedback against planned data, helping your company to increase visibility, improve your routing execution and reduce costs.

Get insights from our Executive Dashboards, Reports and Summary Dashboards to analyze business results.



Increase visibility to your drivers and your company

GreenMile Driver provides up-to-date route,  delivery (i.e. pending, delivered, cancelled, postponed) and order status information to drivers and dispatchers, as well as real-time updates as they occur.

Already have a telematics device? Not a problem! GreenMile adds an additional layer of logistics visibility and management to your current environment, and integrates with several telematics vendors.



Manage your team from anywhere

Track the actual versus plan performance of your team from your mobile devices, including phones and tablets and receive service & delivery exception notifications in real-time to help you better manage your operations.



Improve the efficiency of your sales team

Manage the performance of your sales team as they visit accounts while improving control of face time with the customer.  GreenMile Sales also alerts your sales reps in real time about the order and delivery status of their accounts.



Integrate merchandisers and drivers in real time

Improve your merchandisers effectiveness by providing accurate delivery ETAs and order fulfillment alerts. Track merchandiser mileage and service times to improve performance.



A turn-key mobile field solution to help ensure your customers are serving fresh, great tasting products.

Improve your draft line cleaning & maintenance activities including tracking brands, scheduling routine maintenance, and providing reporting to both customers & the brewery. GPS tracking allows the Distributor to see what’s happening – in real time – with their service technicians, helping to ensure efficiency in the field.


Why GreenMile?

“The GreenMile fleet tracking solution is by far the best route execution technology available in the market. Our visibility, responsiveness, and effectiveness in transportation have all improved dramatically through the use of the system; it was a no-brainer for Sherwood Foods to partner with GreenMile.”
Jim Gell, Executive Vice President of Operations Sherwood Food Distributors
“Your support team has been nothing short of outstanding, which to me makes all the difference. You can have the best software in the industry, but support is where the customer ultimately wins or loses. Your software is great and your support group is even better.”
Danny Kindle, Senior Systems Analyst Monarch Beverage Company
“I would challenge other wholesalers to compare the GreenMile Suite to what they currently use – if anything at all – from a real-time route execution standpoint. If you rely on routing software to plan your delivery routes, the GreenMile system is a must-have. It’s helped us become much more effective with managing our last-mile transportation efforts, including taking the guesswork out of understanding our delivery metrics as well as how customers were actually serviced against what was planned.”
Chris Scott, Vice President of Operations Hoffman Beverage Company
“We’ve been very impressed with GreenMile’s technology as well as their overall industry knowledge. They seamlessly interfaced their dispatching solution with our existing route optimization software, and GreenMile’s technology – and customer support – far exceeds what we were receiving from our previous vendor. We look forward to a long relationship with the GreenMile team.”
Todd Seufer, Manager of Sales Operations G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers, Inc.
“We’ve tried other vehicle tracking packages and the GreenMile system is light years ahead of anything else we’ve seen in the market to date. We accomplished more using the technology from GreenMile in just the first few months of implementation than we did with the dispatching package from our prior vendor in more than six years. With GreenMile, we finally have a fleet tracking system that helps us track our drivers and deliveries the way we’ve envisioned.”
Jen Caplinger, Director of Logistics Coastal Sunbelt Produce
“To say GreenMile saved us at the last minute from making a bad business decision would be an understatement. We were days away from purchasing another vendor’s telematics and dispatching system when we came across the GreenMile solution, and haven’t looked back since. Their telematics and delivery execution system makes GreenMile the company to beat in the product delivery space.”
John Friel, Corporate Distribution Director RNDC
“Not only has GreenMile improved our overall customer service levels, it’s also helped us internally by providing visibility of deliveries to our sales team through the GreenMile Sales mobile application. Sales reps now have instant access to each one of their customers, deliveries, time-windows and ETA’s, all in real time. Everything the salesperson needs while in the field to be successful and proactive with the delivery information with their accounts is now available to them right on their iPads, eliminating hundreds of sales calls into our facility every day.”
Pat Maggiore, Operations Manager, RNDC Lafayette