Ground-breaking management solutions for the transportation industry: Green Mile LLC

“GreenMile has positioned itself as a leader in ‘route execution & fleet managemnet technology’. Our platform is 100% SaaS enabled, allowing access from any computer or device that has internet connectivity. Our technology is continually innovating to ensure that the business objectives and goals of our customers are being met. Strategically, we are focused on developing technology that enhances the current and future landscape of the verticals we serve, including Beverage, Foodservice, Retail, LPG, Healthcare and Field Services.”

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Meet GreenMile’s CEO at Brazil – Florida Business Council

MEET THE MEMBER: A NEW virtual initiative designed for members of the Brazil-Florida Business Council, Inc.!This additional membership benefit was announced by Founding President Sueli Bonaparte at the Membership Meeting and Networking Event held last night.
Featured in today’s video: Ronald Barcellos, Co-Founder and CEO, GreenMile: