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Despite its status as the largest wholesale company in Brazil, Martins was struggling to improve fleet efficiency due to a lack of detailed and accurate information about what was happening with their deliveries and customers in the field.

We only had access to information that was occasionally communicated personally by our drivers, either by phone or upon their arrival at the end of the day, said Cassio Macedo Neto, Logistics Director for Martins.

We had no real-time visibility over the status of our deliveries or if the route plan was being followed, and we could not respond quickly to the emergencies that arose during the day, such as unplanned stops or long wait times at customer locations, Neto said.

The company also struggled with too many manual processes and piles of paperwork; both in delivery and Hours of Service (HOS) reports.

Our goal was to implement GreenMile solutions that would reduce costs related to mileage deviation, while also helping to reduce some of the time-consuming manual processes.

Based on the information GreenMile is providing us, we make better decisions regarding our route plans and streamlined several processes, thus improving our daily operational performance.

Cassio Macedo Neto, Logistics Director, Martins Atacadista


We helped Martins implement the GreenMile Suite, GreenMile Live for their dispatchers and GreenMile Driver for their delivery fleet.

The GreenMile Suite is an innovative, state-of-the-art technology designed to provide companies with real-time visibility over mobile resources while comparing actual-vs-planned performance and providing proactive alerts for plan deviations.

GreenMile also analyzes actual data, such as geocodes, service times and time windows, and seamlessly feeds that information back into the routing software, allowing for future routes to be optimized, reducing go-to-market logistics costs.

To implement GreenMile in such a large fleet, and in different parts of the country, Martins and GreenMile produced various training materials, including training videos and pocket user guides for drivers.

Because GreenMile resides in the Cloud and is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Martins was able to deploy the technology quickly, gaining real-time visibility of their fleet within the first few hours of kicking off the project.



Business Results

9.2% reduction in mileage

Reduction in idle time and unplanned stops

Reduction in manual processes and paperwork in HOS

Successful integration with existing telematics & routing solutions


Martins initial goal was to reach an 8 percent mileage reduction across its operation. By the time GreenMile was fully implemented, Martins had already achieved a 9.2 percent mileage reduction across the fleet.

Communication and training were key factors in the success of this project. Our comprehensive training tools allowed drivers to easily learn how to use the mobile app, which resulted in a very high adoption rate.

This result was significant, as it helped compensate for the recent increase in fuel, tires, and maintenance service costs,? said Monique Chinen, Project Manager for the Online Delivery project. We were also able to migrate all of our Hours of Service control over to GreenMile, integrating it with our payroll system, which was a critical requirement thanks to new driver laws.