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T&T Produce is a wholesale distributor supplying the SouthEast region of the United States with  fresh produce and dairy products. The company distributes to a diverse clientele including  restaurants, DOD schools, healthcare facilities, government institutions, commissaries, cafeterias,  and food management services. T&T is responsible for covering a 250 mile radius of distribution  from Chattanooga, Tennessee—including major cities like Knoxville, Johnson City, Tuscaloosa,  Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, Huntsville etc.

The existing route planning system of T&T was reliant on drivers manually inputting stops,  departures, and arrivals. This not only left room for error, but provoked a need to take the onus  away from the driver and enable capabilities that showed management what was really going on  with day-to-day deliveries .

With continuously shifting fresh produce and dairy demand and an otherwise unreliable routing  and accountability system, T&T was in need of software that offered real-time delivery  performance and all of the accompanying benefits.

“The entire GreenMile team has been a GREAT partner to work with and has gone above and  beyond our expectations. We are still fine tuning a lot of the data and customer information, but  we believe it will help our outbound operations tremendously.”

Tanner Buchanan, Director of  Operations


Introducing GreenMile into the daily process of T&T Produce Company had to be seamless. The  integration with the existing routing solution created a more congruent software that was easy to  use and made data transfers into their ERP effortless. The dispatching team of T&T gained newfound management capabilities, like access to Geofences and accurate arrival and departure  data—opening up layers of transparency.

Business Results

Accurate Delivery Projections 

Meeting Customer Time Windows 

Route Optimization

Decreased OT Costs


T&T Produce Co was ultimately able to elevate operations by partnering with GreenMile. The  collective data and enabled visibility of the software integration created real-time results and a  ripple effect of positive business points. The readily available driver data and metrics provided by  GreenMile created more driver accountability across the fleet and allowed T&T to service their  diverse customers better than ever.