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Great Bay Distributors is a purveyor of beer, wine, liquor, and non-alcoholic drinks to retailers and  restaurants throughout the Florida Tampa Bay Area. With a distribution of over 10 million cases  per year within a territory inclusive of Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando and Citrus county—an increase in  profitability and efficiency became paramount.

In order to make more informed decisions for delivery routes and service needs, Great Bay  needed a more modern route management solution. The lack of accurate data and information in  regards to cost elements across the delivery process only reinforced the need for streamlined  capabilities of GreenMile.

“GreenMile is a powerful tool that when implemented completely should be able to provide us  with much needed performance data to improve our overall service and efficiency.”

Scott  Penland, Vice President of Operations  


Great Bay Distributors implemented GreenMile in a series of three stages. Stage 1 dealt with  integration of GreenMile into delivery roles—from delivery managers, bulk delivery, and  conventional delivery to spare or flex routes. In order to cover-off on route optimization, GreenMile  Live was also introduced to the overall operation—offering real-time visibility and improved data  analytics. Stage 2 involved installation of GeoTab and the implementation of GreenMile into  service or support roles—like garage operations and miscellaneous/spare vehicle awareness. This  ensured efficiency and discernibility. Lastly, Stage 3 called for the integration of GreenMile Sales and GreenMile Merchandiser, creating holistic and end-to-end visibility.

Business Results

Access to Key Delivery Insights 

Improved Service and Efficiency

Streamlined Operations 


Great Bay was able to increase profitability and efficiency across the operation, while growing  critical internal data and implementing it into route delivery executions. With the data collected  from GreenMile, Great Bay finally had a more thorough view of revenue, costs, and profitability at  every stop—a drastic improvement from the previous RAS capabilities. The implementation of  GreenMile has enabled Great Bay Distributors to assess their delivery strategy and evaluate more  efficient routes, all while ensuring service standards are met for each and every customer.