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Gillette Pepsi-Cola is a proud lead Pepsi distributor in parts of Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Some of the company’s most significant challenges were finding out how long it took to service each one of their customers, accurately geolocating them, and keeping labor costs low.

We used to have a hard time finding out how long does it take for our drivers to service our customers, their locations and calculating labor costs said Jerrel Flangan, Logistics Manager for Gillette Pepsi-Cola.

Gillette’s goal was to implement GreenMile Live to track accurate service times and balance routes more effectively to reduce overtime and GreenMile Driver and Manager to reduce mileage deviation and control labor costs.


"With the successful integration of GreenMile with our new routing software we have been able to balance our routes better on a daily basis. Through the first Trimester of 2019 we have shown a 4.9% decrease in the number of routes on the road each day along with a 5.6% increase of cases per route. GreenMile has allowed us to maximize our equipment usage along with controlling our labor costs better."

Jerrel Flanagan, Director of Logistics for Gillette Pepsi-Cola Companies


Our Professional Services team helped Gillette Pepsi-Cola effectively implement the GreenMile Suite, GreenMile Driver for their driver fleet, GreenMile Manager for fleet managers, and GreenMile Live for their dispatchers.

GreenMile Driver enabled them to track their drivers’ routes in detail, as well as allowing dispatchers to receive real-time route updates and performance metrics. GreenMile Manager aided fleet supervisors to have an ongoing report of their driver’s performance on the go and permitted them to follow up with any outstanding issues.

GreenMile Live allowed Gillette Pepsi-Cola to consolidate and compare actual versus planned data including service times, mileage, and driver performance. Then, by feeding that data back into their route planning systems, they were able to develop better route plans for their delivery team, thus reducing mileage and overtime.


Business Results

4.9% decrease in the number of routes

15.2% Reduced Mileage

5.6% improved cases per route

2.9% decrease in overtime in the first quarter


With the help of GreenMile, Gillette Pepsi was able to increase productivity, reduce mileage and labor costs, and achieve higher levels of performance for their delivery and merchandising teams; all in the first quarter after the GoLive.

GreenMile’s implementation team has made a difference in helping Gillette be successful in achieving their goals through the use of our technology. User training and weekly performance reviews have been a key differential. Our consultants took the time to understand business requirements, operational constraints, and configure the different modules to meet Gillette’s needs.

Greenmile has allowed us to manage our labor better and go to market more efficiently which in the end has reduced our cost of the business.

Jerrel Flanagan Director of Logistics for Gillette Pepsi-Cola Companies.