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As one of the nation’s leading wholesale alcohol beverage distributors, it’s obvious that RNDC has  a complex distribution network and vast servicing reach. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia—the  Republic National Distributing Company distributes wine, spirits, beer and other beverages from a  network of 32 warehouses across 19 states.   With a delivery fleet of over 2,000 vehicles and more than 15,000 customers serviced each  week—the demand for real-time driver visibility and actual vs planned analysis became


"The beauty of GreenMile is that it shows us the real-time status of deliveries throughout the day. We have visibility into all the trucks and routes across the entire company. I can click on any one of them on my computer screen and see where the driver is, as well as when he will be at his next stop."

John Friel, Distribution Director for RNDC


GreenMile partnered with RNDC to fully integrate all of their drivers to the GreenMile mobile app  and management portal. This implementation directly links drivers to the cloud-based GreenMile  fleet management solution—empowering delivery drivers through their phone and providing  real-time visibility into what’s going on out on the road. In tandem, it creates better  communication between drivers, customer service, salespeople and distribution management.  With more accurate data on service time, delivery routes were managed more effectively to make  optimal use of company resources, people, trucks and advance customer service overall.

Business Results

Route Monitoring Compliance 

Enhanced Actual vs Plan Analysis 

Meeting Operational Objectives 

Improved Case Per Route Integration 


The Republic National Distributing Company was able to improve efficiency across the
board—reducing fuel costs and increasing productivity; such as adding stops and orders, all while  running fewer trucks. In furthering the GreenMile integration into the overall operation, RNDC  continues to benefit from increased visibility, streamlined daily operations, and more accurate  data to inform future improvements and initiatives.