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Coca-Cola Florida is responsible for bottling and distributing all Coca-Cola products to over 18 million consumers and throughout 47 counties in the state of Florida, including the major metropolitan markets of Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando and Tampa. ​Coke Florida is the third largest privately held Coca-Cola bottler and the sixth largest independent bottler of Coca-Cola products in the United States.

With 18 distribution centers and a hefty fleet of 1200 vehicles, access to accurate, real-time delivery performance, route metrics and customer delivery expectations became an ever-growing need for the Coke team.

“With the integrated dashboards and notifications, we are using within GreenMile today, we are driving better driver compliance and accuracy on routes, using the turn by turn to be more efficient and enhance our driver experience.”

Robert Malloy, Senior Project Manager, Coca-Cola Florida


GreenMile partnered with Coke Florida to outfit their fleet in a phased approach. Beginning with the implementation of GreenMile Driver and GreenMile Manager within a single, main distribution center, the goal was to provide real-time delivery performance and manage exceptions in real-time. The strategy behind the phased roll-out was to ensure proper driver training and platform stability bit-by-bit instead of flooding the fleet with new information and tools all at once.

The rollout implementation was staggered to ensure that the operation was stabilized on the delivery side and to guarantee notification accuracy to the merchandising teams.

Realizing the benefits of operational synergy and cleaner, clearer data Coke chose to implement Merchandiser and NAV to test real-time navigation, route accuracy, and allow drivers to receive real-time order updates to better serve customers.

Business Results

Accurate Delivery Projections

Lowered Merchandising OT

Route Compliance

Sales and Operational Synergy


Coca-Cola Florida was able to streamline distribution center operations and provide accurate reporting data on their fleet for the first time. With this new data, Coke had the knowledge to grow with GreenMile further, reducing overtime costs and route times through efficiencies via NAV and increased operational flow with real-time order notifications and status updates via Merchandiser.