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South Eastern Pennsylvania 

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Muller Inc. is a well established beer and malt beverage distributor, founded in Philadelphia in  1956. This multi-generational and family-owned wholesaler operates with a fleet of over 90  delivery vehicles and a team of nearly 50 salesmen, all using personal transportation. With the  continuous growth of the business and no real set delivery routes or strategies in place, the need  for an operational overhaul that united delivery with sales and offered real-time visibility became  clear.

“GreenMile is easy to implement, easy to get support, and easy to maintain for new retail locations.”

- Aaron Logan, Director of IT 


GreenMile worked with Muller to improve their route and delivery performance from top to  bottom. By introducing GreenMile Driver, GreenMile Manager and GreenMile Merchandiser to the operating model, Muller was able to improve delivery efficiency almost immediately. This streamlined merchandising and  delivery with real-time route capabilities and metrics, allowing management opportunities to  improve their operations​. Through GreenMile, Muller Inc. could now manage and monitor delivery  times, cut down on fuel costs, improve route performance and increase visibility across all  touchpoints.

Business Results

Reduction in Fuel Costs

Route Compliance  

Increased Sales Communication 

Increased Trade Calls 


Muller Inc. was able to elevate their operations by integrating GreenMile into their existing system.  Coordination between merchandisers and delivery teams of the company increased ten-fold and the ​GreenMile analytics​ enabled access to specified reports and accurate data for the first time.  Muller Inc. was able to manage sales visits more accurately and ensure that retailers received  merchandise or sales meetings when needed.